Spirit no. 071
Dictation no. 085

9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980

Time start: 21.20

(X) Dear Halinka and Robert. I am very grateful to both of you for choosing me for dictation today. To tell the truth, I've been following you for quite a while Robert,  hoping that you would choose me.

When I was among the living, I imagined a Gift like yours existed, but frankly I did not expect there would be a time when I would feel the need to communicate with someone who has this Gift. I do wish that my wife and my son would both find out about it as I am always by their side. Yoko Ono suspects but my son isn't so sure.

Yoko still can't get used to the fact that I am gone and although I do not want her to suffer on my account, must admit I'd feel extremely saddened if she really stopped thinking about me and forgot me. We shared a great life together. The two of us were well matched, I knew how to make her happy, care for her and she did the same for me.

Now I find it even easier to understand why. We knew each other in previous lives and once we lived together as a married couple. Then in our marriage she was my husband. In those days, we also made a great couple and we were always faithful and lived for each other. It is not strange in the least that we knew we belonged to each other when we “first” met in the last life. Now only physical matter stands between us.

Our Spirits are never apart - Yoko realizes this, though she can't see me. Oddly enough, as if I was present at mealtimes, she has the sort of food I used to enjoy.
Robert asked me why I was shot. Well, there is a reason for everything. I needn't have killed him during the war. I should have made him surrender and taken him alive. That was my real duty as a soldier - to put him in a "POW" camp. My mission as a soldier would have been fulfilled and I would have felt no guilt now. Instead I shot him like a beast in cold blood. Hence, I was destined to die the same way but I went unpunished for my barbaric crime. So in a future life when I was really happy my life was cut short and I suffered by being deprived of my future happiness.
ONE MUST NOT KILL! One day my murderer will pay dearly for his crime and shall suffer for as long as I would have lived...

(x)I heard your conversation and I would like to emphasize the paramount importance of Jesus God words - AS YOU SOW SO SHALL YOU REAP. If only  I remembered these words and knew their meaning when I shot him in cold blood, then my life would have taken a very different course. I would still lead a happy life and appreciate the gift of life as I used to.
There are a great many people on Earth, but do they all really appreciate their lives?

Most of them are vegetating, not even aware of the potential they have to make their lives great, to enjoy themselves to the full. Instead they complain endlessly; and for what reason I ask? I'd give up anything now to be in their shoes, and I'd even enjoy their problems which can be solved sooner or later! I shall never forgive myself. For I am no longer among the living, because of what I had done. If I had only known that I would be punished for my heinous crime: You must never shoot a wounded soldier,  but take him alive and then put him in a "POW" camp where his life would be spared and his wounds healed. If I had given him my arm to lean on and taken him to a  "POW" camp then this would never have happened to me... Now you know why I had to suffer so,  why my life was cut short. That was the fate I made for myself  two centuries ago.

Time, my dear new friends, is something that does not matter here. Sooner or later we shall all be rewarded or punished by our own fate, but it is up to us, our own free will, whether it will be a reward or punishment. The choice is ours. As I find this experience so painful and always shall, I would rather not talk about it anymore for now. I am dead because of my own deed.
And this is why my dear new friends and all of you reading what I have said here,  mark my words!

If you want me to tell you more, please do not hesitate to ask and I promise I shall do my best to tell you about it if I can. (x)
HALINKA: Robert wants to know how it was possible for you to know about that Gift when You were alive.

(x) Dear Halinka and Robert, some time ago I got interested in supernatural phenomena and, having read a great deal about it, I became knowledgeable on the subject of reincarnation and life after death. I believed in it and I was very enthusiastic about it. The idea of life being perpetual, life after death, no longer in human form but a life, nevertheless. I imagined there must be life after death but in a form different to the one we all know. Something with totally new horizons. It all became so fascinating that I was more into thinking about it than talking.

Halinka, you have obviously noticed the great change I went through. What's become of the big-mouthed rock star? A very different man! I am so pleased my views have changed and I am a better man. Some other time when I will dictate again  (do not think this will be the last dictation),   I'd like to dictate to you what a wonderful experience it was when I physically died and became a Spirit. When I was among the living, I expected physical death to be the only kind of death I would ever experience,  you know. I was right about it. This why I was nicely surprised when I became aware of being a Spirit. I learnt the truth for one reason, when I was alive. There was no way of knowing,  no evidence to tell justice from injustice, so I could only believe it. (x)

ROBERT: Halinka and I have just been looking at your record John (“Shaved Fish”). We find it very important that whatever you've proclaimed on the record wasn't done just for money. I am also interested in what your feelings were at the moment of your death. I imagine that when you had left your physical body your Spirit tool: up a different form which couldn't be influenced by dimensions of time and space.

(x) You are quite right about it Robert, I was rich enough net to worry about money then. I thought: “If they like this record that's OK, if they don't that's OK too, but on the other hand I did really want people to understand that there is a better way to live your life. This was basically the sort of message I was  trying to convey in my music.    To help them find a better way to live.

What did I feel at the moment of my death? - Pain. (X)

Time end: unknown

Translated by:  Martin Jarzębowski. 1993

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