Spirit no. 367
Dictation no. 397

German. It appears this is incorrect as she has informed us that she wishes to be considered an Austrian. (Her husband states the same). She was the third wife of Hitler's father. Of the six children she bore, two survived: daughter Paula and son Adolf. She informs us that she was not pretty, but ugly and that is why she took an old man for a husband.

Time start: 21.56

(X) Halinka and Robert. I swear that I never imagined the moment would come when I would be able to dictate to anyone as a Spirit. Never in my life did I even hear that such a thing was possible. I came to you a short while ago when you were discussing that it would be a good idea to receive dictation from the mother of Hitler.    I came immediately. I therefore witnessed dictations being given by others. I admit

I was ASTOUNDED. Only then did I realize what you had in mind when you spoke of me and summoned me. I confess I was enraptured, enchanted, fascinated. I just do not know how to describe how I feel. For these dictations have made me so ecstatic that I am at a loss for words. I will admit now that I was present at other dictations and from such amazing People in Spirit! Quite extraordinary.

Alas, being invited to dictate because I am the mother of Hitler does not flatter me at all. Had I known to whom I would give birth, I would most certainly have had an abortion. As a Spirit, I now know considerably more about the person I bore. Likewise, I now know why I deserve to suffer as I still do today, knowing how many millions of people my son wronged. All through his high-flown ambitions, his desire       to inspire, respect from the world and be remembered in history books as one of the greatest people ever to be born. Such were his aims, his plans - hence his downfall.
My dears, what I have told you in answer to your questions is 100% true. My son did not commit suicide - such people do not throw away their lives. My son escaped from the bunker but before that he underwent cosmetic surgery. After surgery his eyes assumed a slanted appearance, his nose too was made crooked, his moustache was shaved off and his hair dyed. He looked completely different. Even his ears, which had been quite shapely, were completely transformed. As many of his teeth were extracted as was necessary so that even his jaw line was transformed. Likewise Eva and others underwent similar operations.

She too was transformed beyond recognition, with an aquiline nose and of course her hair was dyed. Her eyes too underwent a change. Dressed as a village girl in a shawl, with a dirty face and hands, she was no longer the same elegant Eva. In the turmoil, as thousands of homeless people fled with their bundles and young children, weaving this way and that, it was not difficult for her to mingle with and lose herself among them. If people believed that my son and Eva gave up their lives so easily,  then they are naive. My son and Eva had prepared everything. All the things which make for a comfortable life awaited them. They were very rich people.

My son and his wife lived on their own estate but my son worked on the estate,  pretending to be an administrator. Everyone was happy. Such a state of affairs evidently suited them. In 1943 the buyer of that property did not purchase it with his own money. He worshipped my son and for this reason my son knew he could trust him. My son had difficulties with the language in the new country but this was understandable and why they both set out to learn it keenly.
Now the explanation of the stories put about today, that the burnt corpses were found. Stalin regarded the escape from the bunker as a defeat to which he did not want to admit. As for the burnt corpses, in those days, they were very easy to acquire. My son died of kidney failure on 13th September 1964, just as I told you previously. Eva died shortly afterwards of a heart attack on 26th November in the same year.

I will say one thing in my son's favor and that is, he was a very loving and kind husband to Eva. He cared very much for her. He was also touchingly grateful to her. She shared his fate and did not abandon him. He appreciated that she stayed by him and loved her all the more for it afterwards. As the well-known saying goes:  “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. They lived together very happily.

It must also be said that the films which my son watched of Auschwitz and Belsen (amongst others) shook him. His uneasy conscience haunted him constantly. Should I defend him for only then understanding that he had gone too far in his hatred, above all, towards the Jews? He nurtured this feeling, believing that he could unify the country in its hatred, and he did succeed because the hatred towards the Jews had admittedly been kindling in the hearts of the Germans for centuries. My son understood this hatred, stirred it up and did succeed in achieving his aim. So that he did not commit the crime entirely on his own. A great proportion of blame must be apportioned to the whole German nation. I have not the slightest intention of defending my son, do not think that. After all, I did dictate at the beginning that if I had known to whom I would give birth,  I would have had the foetus aborted without the slightest hesitation. But a mother doesn't know to whom she will give birth and what   consequences that birth will bring.

However, I do know that I deserved such a son. I was not a good person in my previous life or in my life before that. I wronged enough people. In my previous life I was a woman and in my life before that I was a man. I committed many dishonorable deeds as a Frenchwoman in the bloody revolution. I breathed hatred towards the “noblemen”. Many innocent people lost their lives because of me - just as many, many more people died on account of my son.  And in one of my previous lives, I prompted my husband to commit crimes. You will have understood by now who he was - yes, my Adolf. (x)
Halina: Please dictate about Hitler. I know now, he had been born once again and had suffered. I was not told where and how he suffered.

(x) Well, it was to be expected my son would be born a cripple with a shaking head, twisted legs, and arms that were too short. He died quickly and his parents were as relieved as were his relatives that he “left home”. However, his mind functioned well enough. He noticed the difference between his siblings and himself and that pained him greatly - VERY MUCH. And where did all this take place? In Germany.
Yes, of course Halinka, you have rightly sensed his presence here. Naturally he is suffering terribly. He understands now, but when he is born - and he wants it to be soon as this suffering is very hard for him to bear - he can expect more suffering.    After all, what can one expect if one has caused suffering to so many millions. (X)

Time end: 00.02

Translated by:  Anusia Dobrowolska


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