Spirit no. 154
Dictation no. 171

About 1214-1294. Died appprox. 80 years old.
An English Franciscan and scientist. He was the originator of English empiricism. Imprisoned for 12 years by the Church for his views in “Opus majus”. Among other things he invented the magnifying glass.

Time start: 22.33

(X) Halinka and Robert, thank you Robert for choosing me to dictate. I hadn't  heard about this sort of Gift when I was physically alive. I hadn't even imagined that something like that was possible. Had I known about it and spread the word
I would have been in hot water. The Church put so much restraint on us all that we couldn't breath a word. You have a golden age now by comparison. Most of us didn't conceive of protesting.

It was only when I became a Spirit  (and I really wanted to die) that I realized how unfair the Church was. I learned that Jesus was not the son of God. I was surprised as much as I was pleased. I had proof that the clergy was wrong. I felt very satisfied - this was my revenge, and you can understand why. From my dictation you might get the impression that I was almost an atheist. No I wasn't.

I believed in God's existence but  I found it hard to believe that God was a cruel and severe judge who would sentence us for any offence. Somehow I couldn't see God in this light. Perhaps I didn't want to. Perhaps believing in God, I wanted to think of God in a completely different way as our Protector and Friend. I must admit that
I believed in what I was told about Jesus being the son of God. At the same time

I wondered how God could send his/her child to suffer so much. I reasoned that even if it was his mission, Jesus must have accepted it. I was very happy, that in fact God did not send anyone but instead was born as a human being. I had plenty of time to think. Once I began to feel resentment towards the Church and the clergy, it never left me.

I dictated to you Halinka that after leaving prison I still lived for four years. That's right and the Polish encyclopedia is correct, not the English one. It was twelve and not fourteen years that I spent in prison, cold and hungry. The priests can sometimes be really cruel. It is very fortunate that they don't have so much power nowadays as they used to have in the past. They would have been after you and would have finally destroyed you Halinka because of your Gift. It would have been considered a heresy. St. Valery was right in saying that she would have been burnt at the stake while instead she became a saint for her stupendous work for the glory of God and her devotion to others. In my time and even centuries later she would have been considered a witch by the clergy. Yes, that is what it was like in my times. It is hard to imagine that the clergy would behave in this way. Is this what the Christian faith taught them?! You can see that even after so many centuries I still can't forgive them.
After my death I also learned this wonderful notion of reincarnation. It is phenomenal - to be able to change gender, countries and religions. Different religions unfortunately teach different things. You ask who is right. It is a very good question because indeed one religion teaches one thing and another teaches the opposite. Where is the logic? And where is the Divine Truth? It is not important which religion one is brought up to profess. What is really important is to be able to differentiate between what is truly right and what is old and outdated and shouldn't have come into being in the first place. Oh, my children there is much room for improvement... (x)

Robert: Could you dictate something about Francis Bacon (1561-1626) because we have found that he incarnated again and lives somewhere. Could you say where as who and also what he is doing? And you - would you like to be reborn as it is 692 years since your physical death as Roger Bacon? There is much to be improved. These dictaions will change many things for the good. They will give the foundation for a New Reality based on the One Divine Truth - the same for every human being.

(x) It is true that Francis Bacon is alive. He is a physics teacher in a secondary school. He likes his profession. He has a wife and two talented children. The elder daughter admires her father while the son is the mother's favorite. All four of them get on with each other very well because they met in past lives many times. They always got on well and parted well and that's why they were attracted to each other again. His wife is a nurse in a state hospital. She is respected, likes her work and is as happy as her husband both in their professional and private life. They play their roles well, spreading friendship and joy around them. You want to know where he lives. Where do you think? Guess. In Europe. Yes, well done, in Sweden. I wish there were more families like this.

As far as my rebirth is concerned I think I will finally make a decision but up until now I haven't wanted to be reborn. I was so fed up with the constraints of the clergy that I wanted to be as far away from them as possible. I met all of them with their so called housekeepers when they get to “the other side” if I may define it so. I was glad to see the surprise on their fat faces when they got to know the truth which is so different from what they so persistently preached considering themselves as sages,   those scoundrels in habits. Robert, your definition is very good - New Reality. These dictations are the creations of this new, great truth and New Reality which God Christ will come to Earth to confirm. (X)

Time end: 23.55

Translated by:  Elizabeth Bielecka. 1993.

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